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SCADA Systems Integrator

Benchmark Consulting company Ltd. is a SCADA integrator.  As SCADA integrators,  we provide automation solutions for any manufacturing production process.  Following see an overview of SCADA Systems.

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Therefore, it is a combination of software and hardware components, and it allows supervision and control in factories both remotely and locally. Also, they collect data in real-time allowing companies to control their industrial processes. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) software are rapidly advancing. However, some customers don’t recognize the potential benefits and cost savings. For example, better HMI designs, event processors such as generator started, pump running, and conveyor stopped. As a result, they provide end-users with a tool for peace of mind even when they are not in the company.  So, we have mentioned just some of the technology trends that help customers maximize their SCADA system ROI.  However, we suggest contacting an integrator that knows about SCADA to take full advantage of the system.

Industries using SCADA Systems

We design, build and integrate custom SCADA systems for a broad range of industries and manufacturing systems.  Examples include: manufacturing plant systems, water systems, Oil and Gas systems, wastewater systems, and food production systems, just to name a few.
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