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We provide life-of-asset engineering capabilities for Chittagong Dhaka Pipeline project; from consultancy services through concept into detailed design, procurement and commissioning.

Procurement, Supply & Indenting

Our supply chain group has teams based in all our major operating centers as well as in other key locations strategically selected to support our business activities. With our excellent locations and the experience of our supply chain professionals, we can provide excellent sourcing, expediting and logistics support to our projects. Where necessary, we also have strong relationships with third party agencies who we can engage to enhance our service on a case by case basis


Business Supply Products

we pride ourselves on challenging conventional thinking at the outset, bringing in our operations and construction expertise at the earliest stage to ensure our solutions are safe, technically sound, fit-for-purpose and cost effective.

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Benchmark Consulting Company is a leading oil and pipeline construction consultancy firm dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to the energy industry