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We work with companies in the process and manufacturing industries worldwide to drive their operational performance. Our combination of industry knowledge, automation expertise and analytical know-how in a ground-breaking digital platform makes PA unique and the partner of choice of industry leaders.

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Business process automation or automation system (PAS) is used to automatically control a process such as chemical, oil refineries, paper and pulp factories. The PAS often uses a network to interconnect sensors, controllers, operator terminals and actuators. A PAS is often based on open standards in contrast to a DCS (distributed control system), which is traditionally proprietary. However in recent times the PAS is considered to be more associated with SCADA systems

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Benchmark Industrial Automation specializes in automation and control technology. Our highly efficient and reliable products include programmable controllers, AC motor drives, AC servo drives, human-machine interfaces, temperature controllers and many more. Delta has also recently launched a mid-range programmable controller with features including rapid configuration and high stability. It combines a modularized hardware structure and advanced functions with highly integrated software for control process applications. In addition, various function blocks and a wide range of extension modules and Bench Benchmark industrial network modules allow the PLC to connect with different industrial network systems to accurately monitor every stage of the process engineering. The results are safe and stable operation and seamless connectivity with industrial applications in different areas.

Benchmark Consulting Company is a leading oil and pipeline construction consultancy firm dedicated to providing innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to the energy industry