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Service Details Benchmark is a project-oriented company that supplies equipment, plants, and systems Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) , Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Syntactic Natural Gas (SNG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Oil & Gas Filling Station, Storage Tank Terminal, Gas, Process plant, Gas Network & Distribution, Oil & Gas Product Solution (ProSol), LPG Cylinder manufacturing plant and maintenance of LP gas cylinders, offers after-sales and engineering services and facility management under the common banner of Oil & Gas Division. For a decade BANGLAMARK Corporation is dominating the Bangladesh LPG market and has awarded 80% of LPG projects in Bangladesh as EPC and EPS turnkey-based solutions. We have reputed expert international designers, specialist manufacturers, and suppliers of high-quality systems for LPG filling units, storage terminals, and cylinder manufacturing plants. This also means we have unparalleled experience in making our solutions right for every client. We believe in quality and provide the best engineering LPG project-oriented support.   Benchmark Oil and gas consulting services are specialized services provided by experts and firms with in-depth knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry. Benchmark Consulting Company aim to assist companies and organizations operating in the oil and gas sector with various aspects of their business, helping them optimize operations, improve efficiency, and overcome challenges in this complex and dynamic industry. Here are some common areas where Benchmark consulting services are sought: Exploration and Production (E&P) Strategies: Consulting firms can help oil and gas companies identify and evaluate potential oil and gas reserves, assess exploration risks, and develop strategies to maximize production while minimizing costs. Reservoir Analysis and Engineering: Consultants with expertise in reservoir engineering analyze oil and gas reservoirs to determine their characteristics, and potential productivity, and recommend enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. Field Development Planning: This involves designing a comprehensive plan for developing oil and gas fields, considering technical, economic, and environmental factors. Market Analysis and Strategy: Consultants can provide insights into the global and regional oil and gas markets, helping companies make informed decisions regarding pricing, market-entry, and supply chain optimization. Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Compliance: Consulting firms can assist in ensuring that oil and gas operations comply with safety regulations and environmental standards. Project Management and Execution: Consultants may support project planning, execution, and monitoring, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget. Downstream and Refining: Services may extend to downstream activities, such as refining, distribution, and marketing strategies. Asset Management and Optimization: Consultants help clients manage their oil and gas assets efficiently, ensuring long-term value creation. Technology and Innovation: Oil and gas consulting services can also involve providing advice on adopting new technologies and innovations to improve operational efficiency and sustainability. Policy and Regulatory Advisory: Consultants may assist companies in navigating complex regulatory environments and understanding policy changes’ impact on their operations. The specific services provided by BenchMark consulting firms may vary, and companies can engage consultants for short-term projects or ongoing advisory support. When choosing an oil and gas consulting service, it’s essential to look for firms with a strong track record, experienced consultants, and a good understanding of the particular challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry.