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Industries using SCADA Systems

We design, build and integrate custom SCADA systems for a broad range of industries and manufacturing systems.  Examples include manufacturing plant systems, water systems, Oil and Gas systems, wastewater systems, and food production systems, just to name a few.  


SCADA system work

The SCADA system is operating on-site and connected to the network’s communication infrastructure. Then, they send information to the network and remotely connected it to the communication infrastructure. Following this, allows the operator to visualise any error or abnormality in the production process and make any necessary adjustments. As a result, these tasks can be easily automated with the SCADA network, and there is no need to use manual labour.

Features of SCADA Systems

Manufacturers need to consider SCADA industrial automation to improve and manage industrial processes. Manufacturing processes are too complex of a system to be monitored and controlled by the staff.

Some of the main features are: 

  • Data acquisition 
  • Remote control units
  • Network data communication 
  • HMI Data presentation 
  • Real-time data
  • Customised Report

structure SUPRVISORY CONTROLSCADA System Infrastructure